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Book Review from Oh My Bookness of The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 1) by D S Allen

The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 1)

Author: D S Allen
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: November 13, 2014
Book length: 170
ISBN-10: 1503211185
ISBN-13: 978-1503211186

Book Description:
No one goes into The Headmaster’s Cave. 
George Stewart is no hero, but when his friend disappears, he must confront his fears to rescue Dougie and to finally uncover the mystery of The Headmaster’s Cave. 
The 120th anniversary of the disappearance of seven children and their Headmaster in a local cave known as The Headmaster’s Cave is approaching. The knowledge that one of George’s ancestors disappeared with the other children has haunted him and his family for generations. When George and Dougie receive an unexpected email stating that the mystery has finally been solved, Dougie and Katie try to persuade George to journey with them. But not even the enticement of uncovering the mystery can tempt George to follow the word of a stranger to the dangerous and ‘haunted’ cave. Only when Dougie goes missing, will George and his friend Katie, a1ccompanied with his dog, Flanagan, journey to rescue his friend. 
On their way, they must not only battle their fears, but must also overcome nature’s obstacles, Old Maggie and her dog pack, and the local bullies. But that’s nothing compared to the terror that awaits them in The Headmaster’s Cave, when the mystery is finally revealed.

Book Review:

The Headmaster's Cave (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 1)

Author: D S Allen
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
December 13, 2015

Think back to one of your favorite books, really like or quite fond of. Have you thought of it? Now think back, his did it start off? Was it fast paced in the beginning with minimal background but picked up as you moved further along? Did it start off slow with to much information but balance off after the first or second chapter? Or was it well balanced?  Not all good books have that “perfect balance”. I think what many readers can agree to is that it does not take a “perfect” or “well balanced” book to be good, even to become one of our favorites, memorable or one that you just thoroughly enjoy.  In the end what makes the book memorable, on are list of top 10 or 100, or just all time favorite is a book that keeps us interested, characters relatable, wanting to know even as far as to say care what will happen next even though there fiction, and even when it may seem predictable that slight array of mystery for the moment makes you second guess even having you saying “No, do the go….” Like your watching a movies that we already know they will do it anyways. A good book is one you don’t walk away from.  You may ask what this has to with the review…well if it’s here it does that’s all that matters..

The Headmasters Cave by D.S. Allan once in, you want to know what will happen next. To give you more of a understanding about the town and the cave known as The Headmasters Cave where 7 children went missing get including one of George’s ancestors. In order to understand the caves sorted  past spanning 120 years, the beginning starts off slow . It’s a double edged knife in a sense, you can understand why the author took the time to explain the cave, it’s history and events that unfold with great detail but on the other it seems to be a lot for a opening when your first goal is to reel them in . I don’t believe removing the information would be wise either, it’s the foundation! I think what would have been nice to see is a Introductory because the 120th anniversary of the cave was coming up, give the reader just enough information for them to understand the significance in the town, and what the cave was and slowly trickle the information out of the course of 2 to 4 chapters so the reader does not feel overwhelmed with all this information and also be easier for the reader to remember which is important to the overall story. By extending the history over a few chapters, weaved in with other narrative for example discussion of the mystery of the cave, solving it, etc., incorporate it as a story being told to the children or a discussion amongst the three friends George ,Dougie, and Katie or even breaking the information down and even weaving it into the narrative  differently will help catch a readers attention from the start, help them remember the important information (history of the cave), George and his role and family sorted past, as well as solidify the story without it feeling like it’s been thrown in at random or to much  to read and remember all at once. It plays a important role, it has significance to the story and events that take place future and past, it also helps the reader to understand the name, more about the characters and the town.

The history is spot on for the book and covers a lot of ground  and even backstory on George. Since the author is going from past to the anniversary (present) of 120 years. To remove it would take away from the story but to be given it all at once is a lot to remembrance and take in. The information about George explains a lot, how the cave and his missing ancestor affected his family so much as well as him! I believe expanding the information and weaving it to the story would make the book stronger. When you read the book you will understand the importance of the history and the back story, and the detail that is put into it gives a very nice visual, as if you could picture the time, the place, how it looked, hear the sounds.  The detailing is consistent from beginning to end, from George to the caves history and the town. The author is consistent with story telling and by adding the details and taking the extra time to explain even little things such as feeling of wind, and description of the characters feelings, made it so you can easily connect with the characters as well as imagine the terrain, the overall scenery. The information lays the ground work for the story, it also lays the ground work to explain George’s ancestor involvement in the cave has made his life hard in many ways which helps as you move forward in the book.

The Headmasters Cave has action, mystery, with a little suspense thrown in. As much as George wants away from his ancestor and the cave and the mystery, Dougie insist, but for George it haunts his family he would rather forget it exist than focus on it. The overall book is great, I would recommended it. Cause the way the author has wrote the book you want to know more, you want to know what will happen to the characters, what does what happened 120 years ago have to do with Georges friend Dougie being kidnapped….or does it? What lies ahead for George and Katie as they go find their missing friend, what’s the fate of the three. What’s going to happened to Dougie? Who took him and why? Was it because he was asking information about the disappearances? Does magic play a part? What will happen to George and Katie after they find out Dougie went missing, what will happen to them on their quest to find their best friend? As you follow George and his friends through the adventures and obstacles ahead, you are not disappointed. It’s not a obvious “oh this what happens” or “oh I have an idea of the history of the cave and what happened, it’s obvious”, not in this case and that’s what I also like about the book. The author does not make it obvious what is going on and consistently keeps you guessing which keeps you wanting to know more and read cause you have to know what happens next. Also not only does the cave haunt George but the whole town carries the affect of what happened 120 years ago for what their ancestors did…what could be so bad that an entire town can’t escape it. You’ll have to read to find out.

The author did a great job laying the foundation. From the legend, the history of the town, the towns regrets, and how it affects George and his family. The story was consistent and followed through from beginning to end without being a obvious or a cliché mystery. It’s enjoyable read and I find that even adults who enjoy stories with mystery, suspense, adventure, and action will enjoy it. Can you solve the mystery of the cave without skipping to the end?

Breaking the history more is minor once you read the story, because the way the author writeso will capture you and want more. As you move forward you will also see why the history of the cave and town and George’s background is long.

Check it out, I find you will see both boys and girls will enjoys this book especially if they like mysteries and adventures. Adults you will like it to. Check it out.



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About The Author:
Born in County Antrim, N. Ireland. I grew up and lived for many years in the beautiful town of Whitehead. 
I am currently a teacher and a writer. My profession has taken me to Scotland and Oman. I am currently living in Germany.
I hope my first novel Blood For Blood will be the first of many. I have just finished my second novel, a Middle School mystery/thriller called The Headmaster's Cave. Contact me for The Headmaster's Cave FREE SCHEME OF WORK on my website:

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