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Book Review of Fearless Joe Dearborne

Fearless Joe Dearborne
Author: Lisa Mitchell
  • Print Length: 135 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1495933598
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing (October 14, 2014)
  • ASIN: B00OJ9M6BE

Book Description:
Some might say he’s courageous, while others would say he’s daring, maybe even a little crazy. But when Joe Dearborne risked his life and ran into a burning building to save a puppy, the local newspaper referred to him as “fearless”—and that’s a pretty big title for a sixth-grader to live up to.
Plus, Joe already has plenty else to worry about. After other daring feats in the past, Joe promised his father he wouldn’t do anything dangerous again, and, alas, he’s just broken that promise.

But whatever trouble he expects to get into with his father, and despite the dangers he’s triumphed over in the past, nothing could prepare Joe for what he’s about to encounter when a cold, bitterness creeps into his home.
A mysterious and peculiar woman named Mrs. Chill has just been hired to care for Joe while his father is away on business. In no time, however, Joe discovers that she’s up to more than cooking and cleaning, and she has plans to destroy his family. Joe’s effort to save them results in perilous, sometimes humorous, encounters, and leads him on a journey through the threatening wilderness where he faces his greatest challenge yet.

Book Review:
Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
December 30,2015

Just starting off, it would be hard to pass Fearless Joe Dearborne by  Whitney Mitchell in a bookstore on a shelf if you saw it. The cover immediately grabs your attention with its dark neutral colors and the vibrancy of the cover. Not that you would even notice it first, the title commands attention to be seen, to be read and looked at in large, bold, white letters. It easily stands out against the books background, commanding attention.

Chapter one starts off with a word and by the definition you will know how it starts off, "adrenaline a substance produced in the body that increases energy" . Once you you read further you will see why this is important to the story! Can't wait.....keep reading you might just want to pick up a copy yourself. Now the first line of the first chapter starts off with this:
              "It had been  ninety-nine days since Joe Dearborne risked his life."
For me this opening line set the story, and gave you a basic idea of what is to come. It set the story of what we would be soon to be seen from Joe, and gave us an idea of what type of kid Joe is. Energetic, a complete adrenaline junky, or just Fearless?

Joe really does not know fear so he seeks out dangerous tasks hoping to get a rush, be AFRAID! But for Joe, not even running into a burning building to save a puppy gives him the feeling he is looking for.  So he starts off on a more reckless endeavors. I mean who would go into a dark cave for a friends, dad  autographed baseball? I mean your being one great friend for doing it but for Joe, it's more about the mere challenge and the thrill .

Things change for Joe after he gets a dare he could not refuse.......to pick up a poisonous snake...well as you could guess things didn't turn to well. Now Joe, "fearless Joe", is no longer fearless and of course at the worse possible time. His dad is going away on business trip while stuck at home with some strange nanny. Ugh, nanny, who does want to be watched by one, none the less a strange one. 

This for Joe, maybe over reacting, maybe just a scared kid, but he finds the nanny to be a 'little off' and 'creepy'. Though what kid does not find any form of sitter to be a little off and sinister. Joe notices things around his room has changed and or has gone missing. Is it the nanny?  Is it just the nanny doing her job cleaning and picking up? And Joe being paranoid. Or is the Nanny really up to no good? That's a mystery all in its self you'll have to find out by reading the story for yourself.

With crazy things Joe gets into, it's funny with keeping the underlying tone of the overall message.....you don't conquer fear, a little fear is good for you. With the ultimate comparison, where is the line between fearless and brave, and do you always have to be "brave"?

I think readers will thoroughly enjoy Joes over the top eccentric aunt. Have you ever heard of a lamdoodle? Well Joes aunt manages to find one for Joes birthday. Why? You ask, well because whatever the rage is in Paris, it just has to be so here . Even though it's joes birthday party, his aunt manages,  not intentionally steel the thunder from Joe by having a mini party to introduce Joes new "pet friend." 

The book is witty and funny, adventurous, with a kid pushing the boundaries where and when he can. For the length of the book so much takes place. From Joe making sure his lamdoodle is safe from the crazy nanny? Fearless Joe Dearborne is like a young Indiana Jones for kids. While spreading the message, we cannot conquer fear but learn to control and advise us. As well there is a very fine line between being brave and recklessness, and bravery and fear. 

Ultimately a fun tale for Tweens and any adult who just likes a nice, fun, casual read every now and again. It is also a perfect length book where kids won't get overwhelmed by volume, but where kids get to enjoy the story from start to finish and in the process have a good laugh or chuckle with all the welcome gasp of surprise. 

About The Author:
Lisa Whitney Mitchell lives in Florida with her husband, two sons, and their dog. When she’s not writing, she practices law. Fearless Joe Dearborne is her first novel. 

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