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Book Review of The Dragon Children, The Prophecy by Hannah Byrnes

Dragon Children: The Prophecy
Author: Hannah Byrnes
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Book Description

 13 Feb. 2015  9 - 18
There comes a time in life where the stars begin to call someone to their destiny. It will start as a fleeting dream, a glimpse of what could be, as you are staring out of a window doing the dishes. Now, it is your life to do with, as you please. For Bridget and Kai, two ordinary children from very different backgrounds, destiny called one afternoon after school. Soon, pony-loving bolshy Bridget and the shy studious Kai find themselves travelling to Dragonreach, home to the last two dragons on earth. 

Once they arrive in the islands capital, Zomak, and where they hear of a nest of dragon eggs being kept temple of a mysterious mountain known as the Shard. Bridget and Kai have to learn to read the Dragons Code, so they are able to pass the wisdom and magic of dragons onto the rest of mankind. But there are those who are intent on destroying magic . One night, the Iron Queen strikes. Bridget and Kai are separated, Zomak is destroyed and the eggs are lost. The outlook is bleak.But there is talk of a Prophecy, where dragons rule the skies once more. 

Lead by strange and powerful dreams, Kai finds himself plunging into the waters of Keplar's Wish to recover an amulet that opens up a whole new realm of magic. Bridget heads to Alryne and finds work for its beautiful queen Lady Oksana but before long realises all is not what it seems, and soon uncovers a terrifying secret. Will she have the courage to leave Alryne and find Kai?  

Only if Bridget and Kai can find each other again. Only if the dragon eggs are found and the Iron Queen defeated can the Prophecy be fulfilled.

Book Excerpt from:
The Dragon Children: The Prophecy

  "Generations ago, magic was as much a part of everyday life as brushing your teeth or walking the dog. In fact, going to school in ancient times meant you learned astrology, healing, and rune casting alongside reading writing and mathematics. Unfortunately in recent times mankind has lost touch with magic realm, dismissing the legends as mere fairytales for children.
 Still there comes a time in life where the stars begin to call someone to their destiny. It will start as a fleeting dream, a glimpse of what could be  as you are staring out of a window doing the dishes. But no one mistake , whether you are 5 or 105, when it is your time you will feel,them calling to you"(Dragon Children: The Prophecy)

Book Review:
Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
March 1,2015

 This is Hannah Byrnes debut novel, The Dragon Children: The Phrophecy. Her first novel and made the brash move to guarantee 100% of the proceeds to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Why brash? Being a new author without knowing if it will take off, being new people will be unsure and what about the context? Will it be intriguing, interesting, good, or engaging? Overall is the story good? Even though it's for a good cause is not why I chose to read it,so it does not affect the way I will conduct my Review.

 All though knowing in the end that the proceeds are going to a great organization, it did not play a part in determining why I choose to read the book. In the end its a bonus. Knowing and doing something you love, knowing it can help.

 The Dragon Children: the Prophecy is about two kids Bridget and Kai. Two kids who are from different backgrounds and different personality types. Bridget is strong willed, with a bit of a attitude and Kai is the opposite, Kai is shy and studious. Destiny believe it or not, had a plan for them. They didn't see it coming, there next steps would be on the road to the last remaining two dragons. Now instead of going over and the entire description, I think you get a basic idea, let's dive into the book. Just enough to grab your attention and help frame the basis for what I think.

 We know Bridget and Kai are led to the two last remaining dragons but why? And what happened to the rest? When I first got asked to read this book I was intrigued by the cover. It was not overly complex but with the stance of the two figures and the dragons standing watching over them, your eye immediately gets pulled to them in the center. To help add emphasis to center emblem with the characters. 

 Once you open the book and enter a few pages in, you get to see this wonderful little map of the lands as well as a set of ruines with their meaning beneath with a message all should hear. "Never dedicate a spell to Odin or Thor!" And  Serpent also means "dragon" in Norse. Wonder What Happens When You Do dedicate that spell?nwhat would happen? I wouldn't  be willing to test that theory out.

 When you read The Dragon Children: The Prophecy,  the story will have you memorized by the details of the surroundings, the way the kids acted (having a life like quality), with vivid description that allows the mind to easily picture each and everywhere they go, as well as the dragon eggs and the dragons themselves. In the beginning of the story your introduced to the Island of Dragon Reach. As Serwak takes flight you get to see/read what he observes on his flight. The author goes into details of what can be found on the island from a building south of the island with dome shaped turrets made from bronze and glass. To the faint smell of gunpowder as he passes over towns with the lights on. You get to see where the water dragon lives, Mirsoth. Within the north  a city named Zomack, a city named after one of its bravest dragon. Zomack, a air dragon who carried the storm giant to victory against Felosk.

Now only two dragons remain because of the Iron King, while the dragons tirelessly tried to defend Dragons Reach against the Iron King and his family, they were no match for the weapons they brought that could take them down, the dragons. The only two dragons to survive is Seralak and his wife Mirsoth.

 With being out numbered and great evil a foot in Dragons Reach, the fates of two kids and the remaining two dragons will have to go up against their biggest foe, the Queen Irons. Irons is dangerous with weapons that out match two kids and the dragons. Not many are happy that their fate has fallen into the hands of two kids, but they are their best bet. Kai is lead by a dream, prophecy like that has him plunging into water of Keplars wish on a mission to find a amulet that will open up a whole new realm of magic. The problem is a prophecy was for told cannot happen unless the two eggs that were stolen the day Zomack defeated Folosk and separated Bridget and Kai. Will Bridget find Kai? Or will they let everyone down? Bridget and Kai have to overcome obstacles and their own fears to complete the quest at hand. With the eggs separated  will the Iron Queen get what wants. If she gets possession of both eggs terrible things will be released.

 Each character you come across, the amount of detail you are given about them, it's as if you're reading a storyboard. You can see the sequence of actions, challenges,a mothers fear and hopes all unfold right in front of you. The ultimate success is the development of the dragons, they have a sense of realism to them as if you are just prospector looking in on a private conversation. The surroundings from up to the sky are given apt amount of visual for each scene set without  taking away from the reader. They're allowed to use their imagination to picture in their minds how the picture would sound or visualize. If Bridget is always positive or not and if Kai is just keeping his distance or head down or have worried look most of the time. Or does he mutter to himself trying to figure out how to complete the prophecy and defeat the Queen. It's the same for the surroundings even though she gives a complete description there still room to ask questions about dragons. How do they feel, what was their surroundings like before the Iron King killed almost all.

 For a debut novel I think she did a good job. It was a cohesive story from start to finish. Adding enough description so you get an idea about the characters, the scenery, and surroundings. There is not much where you can't use your own imagination. Ask questions like what if ? Why? And more.

 When this magical book takes off, this magical book full of fantasy and venture it's not inconceivable but a believable book with magic and fantasy and fun will go to a place that brings it to children in need. Make-A-wish Foundation. 

About The Author
The Dragon Children: The Prophecy is the d├ębut fantasy adventure from British author, Hannah Brynes. Hannah is committed to all things magical, which is why she has pledged 100% of the royalties from the sale of this book (at least £5000) to Make-A-Wish® UK Charity Registration Nos295672/SC03747 to help grant magical wishes to children and young people living with life-threatening 

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