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Book Review Between The Lines by Claudia Whitsitt

Between The Lines 
by Claudia Whitsitt
  • Paperback: 318 pages
  • Publisher: Claudia Whitsitt; 1 edition (March 5, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 099164302X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991643028

Between the Lines tells the story of three girls who become friends during the racially-charged aftermath of the 1967 Detroit Riots.
Hattie Percha is crushed when the riots start on her tenth birthday, and when she must move away from her treasured childhood home and friends, attending public school for the first time, she’s afraid her life is over. Then, she meets Beverly Jo Nichols, her first black friend, and Crackers, a fearless tomboy. Despite opposition from Hattie’s mother and a racist teacher, the unlikely friends join forces. As the self-proclaimed Dream Girls, they challenge bigotry and intolerance, willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto what’s most precious to them all, their friendship.

Book Review:
Between The Lines by Claudia Whitsitt
Brittany Perez ( Oh My Bookness)
May 26,2015

More and more books are being placed on the banned list, but why? Children, teens, YA are still growing up seeing and I will not call it a war but the complete unfairness in racial ethnicities and profiling, the discrimination between classes and races and religion. To ban a book because it discusses any theses issues just shows how unwilling we are to accept the truth. Now why do I bring up the banned list, because this book goes over so many issues as books before it. I do hope it has the fortune to be spread wide across the country in many schools, because I'm a firm believer we cannot evolve or learn from our mistakes without making them and learning from the ones are ancestors may have or may have not made. 

Now this story reminds me about a movie based on true events, at the time would be two unlikely friends to make a change how big or small does not matter. They would become best friends as these young girls would become as well.  Between The Lines by Claudia Whitsitt is set in 1967, Detroit story of a young girl pulled away from her childhood home because of bigotry and riots afoot, thrown into a public school facing on the adults at 10.... But as hard as times get friends make us stronger, for the better.  Children inspire adults, growing up faster than normal, in a sense not knowing when the bigotry, the hatred will end. Asking why can't the happy times come back but at the same being the inspiration for the adults. And what one may of thought as happy times leading up to something bigger the ones we love are trying to protect us from but they cannot shield one from of it all. A bond between friends, the strength and the will to move forward and allies created in unlikely places. 
Welcome it into your home. Sit with your children and read it with them or give it to them create a discussion, do a compare and contrast through the times. 

About The Author:
Claudia Whitsitt spent a lifetime teaching special education and writing before becoming a full-time author. She believes in the power of friendship, small acts of kindness, and paying it forward. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her children, which includes not only the five she raised but the countless students who touched her life over the years.

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