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Book Review From Oh My Bookness: The Magician's Workshop Volume One By Hansen • Fehr

 Magician's Workshop
Volume One
By Hansen • Fehr

Book Description:

Everyone in the islands of O Ceea has a magical ability: whatever they imagine can be brought into existence. Whoever becomes a master over these powers is awarded the title of magician and given fame, power, riches, and glory. Journey with a group of kids as they strive to rise to the top and become members of the Magician s Workshop.

Book Review:
The Magician’s Workshop:
 Volume One
Author: Christopher Hansen and J.R. Fehr
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
July 19, 2017

 The Magician’s Workshop is a fantasy story broken into two volumes. The first volume you have to prepare yourself it has a lot of characters to remember and their background. I found some parts to of been a bit drawn out and I found it a little difficult to get through. Once the story got going it was easier to get through, this isn't a story with wands or supernatural beings. This is a story with magical projections, everyone has the ability to project. They can project different clothes on themselves and others, and also being able to project a punch. They also change flavor of foods, make themselves look absolutely different, older or younger. 

 The story takes place on O’Ceea, the characters in the story all have one goal and that is to stand in front of the puller at the ceremony and have a color pull out of them. If successful they become respected and have a chance to become a Magician at the Workshop. There are different characters of different problems and personalities, almost all want the same thing, color, and to be great and successful. The authors have created colorful characters and personalities and a little mystery involved. Once you get through the long introduction of the characters and can remember who is involved with who it gets easier to read and start to have fun with along with the characters.

About The Author:

Christopher Hansen: The first glimmering Chris Hansen had that there was far more to reality than he had ever imagined occurred six days after his ninth birthday. Christopher! cried a wise, old sage. Life is full of deep magic. Miraculous things happen all around us. Chris looked around him and asked, Where? I don t see anything spectacular. The man held out a pair of glasses. Here, put these on. The boy placed them over his eyes and Whoa! He was gobsmacked by the Wonder he saw. But it lasted only a moment. The man vanished in a flash of starlight and the lenses melted and trickled down his cheeks. Then a message was sung into his ear, Go and seek what you have seen. Full of expectation and childlike optimism, Chris set out. To his great joy, this quest has led him to discover many more glimmerings of this miraculous Wonder, often in the most unexpected of places. 

J.R. Fehr: When J.R. Fehr popped out of the womb, he knew there was more to the world than the four boring hospital walls that he was seeing. Zango! his newborn mind exclaimed as he saw people appear and disappear through a mysterious portal in the wall. As a child, he continued to find life whoa-tazzling. But as he grew older, the cold water of reality hit him, and the magic he once knew vanished. After spending some wet and shivering years lost in a joyless marshland, he once again began to see magic in the world. He writes because the Wonder of true life is far grander than anything he ever thought possible.

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