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Bookreview from Oh My Bookness of Beyond the Lines (Kids Like You Book 2) By Claudia Whitsitt

Beyond the Lines (Kids Like You Book 2)
By Claudia Whitsitt

  • Publication date: March 15, 2016
  • Publisher: Claudia Whitsitt

Length: 260 pages

Grade Level: 4 - 8

Age Range: 8-18

Book Description:

The Dream Girls—Hattie, Crackers, and Beverly Jo—are back with the same determination and resolve they displayed in Between the Lines. After Hattie suffers a devastating injury, she needs a reason to go on. Her dreams are shattered, but Crackers holds onto her own dream with grit and focused purpose. With Hattie and Beverly Jo at her side, she is unwavering--her vision will become a reality. 

Crackers has oodles of talent, can outshoot any guy, and she wants to be the first girl on the boys' basketball team. Everybody knows she's the best player at school. 

The problem is, the rules say: No girls allowed on the team. Ever. 
But the Dream Girls have challenged old-fashioned notions before, and they're not about to give up now. Beverly Jo rocks the world with an ingenious plan, Hattie sets the wheels in motion, and Crackers gives her all. For this threesome, nothing is impossible.

Book Review:
Beyond The Lines (Kids Like You Book 2)
Author: Claudia Whitsitt
Review By: Brittany Perez 
(Oh My Bookness)
September 27, 2016

There back, the self proclaimed Dream Girls. Resolve un-wavering, Taking place in 1960s Detroit, Hattie, Beverly, and Crackers learn that discrimination surpasses the color barrier. Discrimination is more than the color of your skin, the three friends learn also about gender discrimination. 

The story is full of adventure and shows that there is no bond stronger than true friendship's. These three friends stand by eachother through the good, the bad, the toughest of times to the fun times. This book gives  a brief look into the era, the time of the 60's. The book also show cases strong friendships and standing up for what you believe in as well as the right to be treated as equals.

This is a wonderful book to be read by middle school aged youth and even high school age. This book showcases the strenghth of an individual and the right to fight for your rights. Also showcases standing up for what you believe in and shows that discrimination happens in many forms. And as we follow these three friends we see the best way to combat discrimination is standing strong and not letting anyone making you feel less than you are.

About The Author:

Growing up in Detroit, I was always concerned about differences and wanted life to be fair. I’m not sure if I was born this way or if my upbringing rooted this belief in me, but t didn’t take long for me to learn that life is anything but fair. Still, I made it my personal mission to try and help people settle their differences in an equitable manner, and be kind to everyone, no matter how different they were from me. When the Detroit riots started on my fifteenth birthday, like Hattie, I was devastated. But the riots also cemented this sense of wonder in me. Why couldn’t all people get along? Crackers, Beverly, and I met in college, and when I came to write a novel for my students, I couldn’t think of a better place to begin than with a story inspired by our true friendship, one that has lasted for over forty years. Some people would call me naïve, I suppose, but I firmly believe that with the right education, much like Jane Elliot’s diversity training, we could learn to celebrate differences and live together in peace. I’m sure that my sense of fairness, my fascination with learning more about how all of us negotiate the world, and my desire to make a difference led me to teaching and to the field of special education. Writing Between the Lines was a somewhat selfish endeavor for me. Now I can spend more time back in the classroom, where my heart belongs. 

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