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Book Review from Oh My Bookness: Vospers Revenge by Kristin Alva (English Format)

Vospers Revenge
Kristin Alva

  • Publication date: November 18, 2013
  • Publisher: Defiant Press
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0088JFJYW

Book Description:
Vosper's Revenge is the final book in Kristian Alva's popular "Dragon Stone" trilogy. 

As the races of Durn stand on the brink of war, the power-hungry emperor plans his conquest of the entire continent. 

The dragon riders are fragmented. They have been scattered across the land; weakened by the discovery of a traitor in their own ranks. Are the riders strong enough to defeat Vosper before he destroys them all? 

Book Review:
Vospers Revenge (The Dragon Stone Saga  3)
Author: Kristin Alva
Review By: Brittany Perez (Oh My Bookness)
December 9,2016

Vosper’s Revenge: by Kristian Alva
Vosper’s Revenge is book three in Kristin Alvas popular YA Fiction trilogy "Dragon Stones". Each book in this world full of magic,dragons, sorcery, and adventure have all been a treat to read. The series only got better as it progressed and this
book is no different.

Vosper’s Revenge has action,defiance, necromancy, betrayal, greed and the best of all dragons. Who doesn't like dragons? Especially in a war. Who do you think will come out in top? To add to the field of chaos in this entertaining tale, there are elves, dwarves and orcs, who of course don't get along.

Elias finally gets to learn about his dragon as well as to continue his learning about magic and spells. This book is great for young middle grade readers as well as high school. This book is also good for anyone who enjoys the world of fantasy, magic, action,adventure, and war. As the book progresses we come across a evil villain who wants to take over the world (a story as old as time but when spun right it doesn't seem over spun or old at all). With a good adventure comes a learning experience. Kristian Alva brings it into this reading that brings your imagination to its fullest. It teaches the reader about teamwork and that sometimes you have to be the bigger person in order to make things right for the better good.

This book has all the magic that Harry Potter can conjure up, but like him there's always others to help Elias make his destiny easier to face. I recommend anyone who dares to enter an adventure that'll suck you in to danger, and an evil king who will destroy anyone and anything that'll stand in his way

About The Author

Kristian Alva was born into a family of writers and teachers. She worked as a staff writer and a ghostwriter before publishing her own manuscripts. She released her first book in 2007. She currently lives in California with her family. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading all genres, especially epic fantasy.


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